American Republican Party (Liberia) found in 1848 by American Colonization Society 

Official website of the Government

Republican Party of the Grand old Kparlle of the nation of Liberty titled Republican Party (Liberia) found by the American Colonization Society's Daniel Warner Revolutionary War Hero,  Joseph Roberts son of British Prime Minister



"the Syria Civil War ends with the Ottoman Turkish nation changeing sides to fight in Libya"

Chairman of the Republican Party (Liberia) found by American colonization society King Fondren Bai ll 2019 introduction speech asking Turkey for help and that they can build an empire again. in Libya saying the war in Syria was just to bring our national treasure out of exile  Turkey changes sides fires at pershmerga, then it leaded to the establishment of Syria Republican Guard and victory for Syria the militia says they named themselfs after the Republican Party“Turkish warplanes targeted a PKK shelter in Zeni Warte area in Rawanduz district, which is only 200 meters away from the headquarters of the Peshmerga 7th brigade,” claimed Kwistan Ahmed, the head of Rawanduz district.

The shelter was, according to Ahmed, established by PKK guerrillas a week ago between two telecommunication towers.

a Crip Paramilitaries Soldier in a safe

"a Crip Paramilitaries Soldier in a safe House"

in Guyana, San martin turuban"  "copyright 2020"

"Chairman of the Black english Republican Party of the nation of Liberty King Fondren Bai ll Saves the day becomes an American Hero, Juan Guaido invited to the White House"

"Who served in the American Drug War 2 as Prime Minister to the Christian Protestant Israelies Peoples Church Crip Paramilitaries which is the U.S. Pentagon top secret allied forces.

Saves "California Republic" from South American Democratic Socialist Party backed by farc rebels, politicians, and other currupt officials hit squads to annexx california with fake votes and independence"on 2018 King Fondren Bai ll send diplomacy that ended the "the Johny tapio style take over of California"

United States of America" 15,000 farc's under the Kingdom of Incans become loyal to King Fondren Bai ll" they say Juan Guiado is there President"

"Juan Guaido say's King Fondren Bai ll Saved 25 Politicians and Business man in California that we're on Socialist Venezuela regime Hitlist"

open embassy in Juruslam.jpg

Under President Juan Guaido, Venezuela would open an embassy in Israel’s capital Jerusalem, Venezuelan envoy Rabbi Pynchas Brener told the Jerusalem Post Monday.

His comments came as Venezuela’s Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus held its first meeting, the newspaper reported, signing a declaration with a call for restoring ties between the two countries.

"WayneT Fondren JR. is King Fondren Bai ll he served as prime minister in the AmericanDrug War 2 as United States of America's Department of Defence/Pentagon" as a Officer Allied lord" (U.K.) Station in Area 51  Underground extraterrestrial site, Mohave Desert (not raided by Socialist paramilitaries Drug Cartels) {name classified}