Contribute to the AfricanAmerican Republican Party

American Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans 

American Republican Party (Liberia) found in 1848 by African Americans 

Official website of the Government


Seal of the Republican Party (Liberia)

Press Coverage
Grand Cape Mount World News (America)

Contribute to the construction of our African American ethnic group and race republican party (Liberia) official news agency based in Hollywood California republic.

Bank of Koya

Contribute to the construction of our Republican party (Liberia) work force bank, employing more African Americans is a vital role in the American economy.

United Grand Lodge of Koya

Contribute to the construction of  the governing Masonic lodge for the American colonization society freemasons in the United States of America and the republic of Liberia this is the head quarters where republican party (Liberia) holds its political scientific debate's. (needed in every major city and town in the U.S.)

Film Set
 Koya Micronation film's

Contribute to the construction of Koya Micronation films our film production studio filming movies, and music videos based in Hollywood, California

grand cape mount university.jpg
Grand Cape Mount University

Contribute to the construction of the all African American Grand cape mount university.

Office Building
Republican Party (Liberia) HQ

Contribute to the construction of the republican party (Liberia) HQ in Grand Cape Mount (Kingdom of Koya), Liberia

Cargo Ship at the Port

Contribute to the construction of the port of Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya)

Port of Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya)
King Kindo Bai airport

Contribute to the construction of  King Kindo Bai airport in Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya).

Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya) Transportation & logistics company

Contribute to the construction of  our transportation & logistics company, that come's with employeing construction workers, plumber's architrct's and much much more.

To prepare the African American DemocraticRepublican's with individual skills and knowledge in the fields of import & export to the nation of Liberia federal republic.

The successful African American student of the Grand cape mount university republic will be able to demonstrate: customer service skills in detecting and resolving customer complaints and issues; ability to use dispatching equipement and communicate effectively for inbound and outbound dispatches.

A Crane Lifting a Container

1.International trade


3.Shipping and Receiving

4.Goods Movement

5.Office Operation


Organizational skills for record keeping createing and interpretating shipping labels, maintaining inventory of shipping/receiving documents utilizing Microsoft exel or other similar inventory control software, scheduling and tracking of shipments; warehouseing skills in inventory management and billing process, ability to correspond with customers, vendors and employees via email and telephone calls, understanding of international trade terms and freight handling regulations as relates to land ocean and air strong computer and administrative skills to adequately work in an office environment.

 Our labor Union Objectives

Administrative and customer Service skills

Colleagues Working in Office

Computer application's:


Dispatching Responsibilities, Types of Dispatchers, Organizational Record Keeping Systemes and Procedures.


import & export


Organizational  International Tradeing, Import vs. Export, Target identification Negotiation Skills, International Tradeing Laws.

Freight Forwarding:

Dispatcher's International goods and trades, Freight handling, international logistics, freight movement types, rules and governing laws, foreign currency and money exchange and international insurance policies.


 Shipping and Receiving:

 Principals of warehouseing inbound vs. outbound shipping measureing and benchmarking warehouse performance. packageing labeling and safety procedures.