American Republican Party (Liberia) found in 1848 by African Americans 

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Exchange Rate:

Koya City Settlement income and expendure graph number 1:

Grand cape mount port of Koya will recieve $ 7,000,000 U.S.of United States merchandise and or food to the 5,000 new African American settlers in the  Koya city will recieve 3 Major Markets like Wal-mart,Best buy, or even Food 4 less store's complete with 25 Markets such as Kentucky fried chicken stores and clothing stores and 15 corner stores to sell cleaning supplies, and little food," also the farming will be split into 30 each, and 100 Construction workers in Grand cape mount, federal republic of Liberia.

  • $14,000 equals 1 major retailer

  • 10 major retailer equals $140,000

Like wal mart and target

  • $1,000 equals 1 market

  • 100 markets equals $100,000

  • 60 food markets equals $60,000

  • Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya) gets

  • 120 farmers

  • 100 markets

  • 60 food markets

  • 10 major markets like wal mart

and best buy

  • 100 mineing employees

  • 100 Construction Workers; will be African American students ages of 18-40 years of age each district will recieve 25 Construction workers, every 5 workers will have enough Concrete building material to build new square concrete homes connected with solar power, new roads and furnature for Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya) well fare office basicly new towns, 20 people will be selected to be taught and trained in Grand cape mount all African American university.


2.Donut shop

3.Auto Zone



6.Bank of Koya


8.Burger king

9.Jack n Box

10.Kentucky fried chicken

11.Pizza hut

12.Victoria Secret stop

14.Carles Jr

15.Bar restaurant

16.ebony massage parlor

17.Movie theater

18.Club/Concert hall

19.Radio shack

20.metro PCs

21.Super cuts

22.Koya carlots

food consumtion per month

Food consumed every 2 years cattle farmers will recieve 6 to grow 3 cattle every 2 years, 1 adult cattle weighs 1,200 pounds at mcdonalds, a bigmac cheese burger weighs 66grams, thats 8,400 because 66 goes into 1 pound 7 times, 7 times 1,200 equals 8,400 times 40 cattle times 3 equals 1,008,000 beef patties to create hamburgers.

Food consumed per year for chickens are 90,000 ckicken wings,thighs and breast.

5 chickens produce 500 eggs per year half will be used for eatin the egg yoke, Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya) county will consume 10,000 eggs per year.

Food consumed every 2 years for sow pigs 1,288,000 hot dogs.

because 1 sow pig has 23 piglets per year 1 sow pig weighs 300 pound 70 hot dogs weigh 15 pounds 15 goes into 300, 20 times, 70 times 20 equals 1,400, 1,400 times 23 adult sow pigs will be 32,200 times 40 equals 1,288,000 hot dogs.

100 Crabs (grown indoors)

Food to grow will be 120 farmers plants kilo's seeds per selection see list below fruit and vegitables will be consumed per year every farmer will have 50 acres to plant. Example:

 cotton, weat until he/she reach's  because with seeds in each pot  plants or more will be grown.


  • 1.cotton

  • 2.wheat

  • 3.beans

  • 4.rice


  • 6.corn


  • 8.grape

  • 9.limon

  • 10.peach

  • 11.tomato

  • 12.potatoes

  • 13.lettus

  • 14.onions


  • 16.water melon

  • 17.pineapple

  • 18.tomatoes

  • 19.strawberry

  • 20.blueberry

Number of goal employees for Koya City, Grand cape mount federal republic of Liberia

  • 500 market employees

  • 700 bank of Koya farmers

  • 100 Bank of Koya employees

  • 100 water trucks

  • 100 storage workers

  • 50 truck drivers

  • 800 construction workers

  • 2,000 Grand cape mount university students

  • 500  Koya Monarchy Securitys guards                      

  • 500 factory workers 


Bank of Koya Grand cape mount university

To prepare African American individuals with skills and knowledge in the fields of.

1.International trade


3.Shipping and Receiving

4.Goods Movement

5.Office Operation


The successful African American republican  democratic labor union member united (UK) will be able to demonstrate: customer service skills in detecting and resolving customer complaints and issues; ability to use dispatching equipement and communicate effectively for inbound and outbound dispatches;

                        Republican Party of Liberia Transportation and logistics Technology 

 Organizational skills for record keeping createing and interpretating shipping labels, maintaining inventory of shipping/receiving documents utilizing Microsoft exel or other similar inventory control software, scheduling and tracking of shipments; warehouseing skills in inventory management and billing process, ability to correspond with customers, vendors and employees via email and telephone calls, understanding of international trade terms and freight handling regulations as relates to land ocean and air strong computer and administrative skills to adequately work in an office environment.

 Our labor Union Objectives

 Office Operations:

Administrative and customer Service skills

 Computer Applications:

Organizational  Dispatcher's Roll. Dispatching Responsibilities, Types of Dispatchers, and Organizational & Record Keeping Systemes and Procedures.


Organizational  International Tradeing, Import vs. Export, Target identification Negotiation Skills, International Tradeing Laws.

  Freight Forwarding:

Dispatcher's International goods and trades, Freight handling, international logistics, freight movement types, rules and governing laws, foreign currency and money exchange and international insurance policies.

  Shipping and Receiving:

 Principals of warehouseing inbound vs. outbound shipping measureing and benchmarking warehouse performance. packageing labeling and safety procedures.

  Republican Party of Liberia: We want a 7,000,000 million dollar trade agreement with United States of America. then we will turn our trade deficit to a trade surrplus with a new colony of 5,000 African American's citizen's 

Land rights act 2 by the Legislature of Liberia for Grand Cape Mount University. division of bank of Koya

50,000 acres 

640 acres per mile

50 acres per 1-4 farmer household

with 2 security guards.

every 8,000 acres bank of Koya town should be built.

per 640 acres bank of Koya meat farming.

10 cattle = 1 worker in 50 acres

100 chickens= 1 worker in 50 acres

25 sow pigs= 1 worker in 50 acres


Bank of Koya - Liberia Exange rate division of bank of Koya

Goods & Services 

African American Minimum wage $125 converted to

L$ 26,450

African American settlers wages of L$ 26,450

$300-$400 in U.S, exports to Koya City,

food example

eggs 12x cost L$630

1 gallon of milk L$420 (Liberian dollars)

1 pound of pork L$850

1 pound of Ox L$1,700

1 pound of weat L$1,100

20 female dogs & 20 male dogs

20 x 12=120 dogs 1 year export to South Korea