United States Republican Party (Liberia) founded 1848 by African Americans 

U.S. Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans 


Kingdom of Koya is a subnational kingdom within Liberia. The kingdom of Koya is the African American ethnic group monarchy, Kingdom of Koya is the largest of the traditional kingdoms in present-day Liberia comprising all of the Grand Cape Mount county. with in Liberia system of a tribal kingdom where the power is divided into four branches: the Monarch, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. The country exercises full jurisdiction and sovereignty over its territories under the guidance of a Constitution.



Kingdom of Koya monarchy is hereditary rule of law, with the throne passing through family lines. Male chief officers is a system in which males have precedence in the line of succession; female chief officers gives precedence to females (minorities). Equal Knights of the British empire gives precedence to male members of Kingdom of Koya royal family in determining succession at a state of  emergencie level. Some micronational monarchies create their own systems of hereditary rule army general of United States of America armed forces making first Black American female general  Tyra gizaw Bai (Majority of Liberty) her a boy child who cast a spell of a secret book (classified special Interest)  read the Kingdom of Koya book  bought at Barnes & Noble read the Voodoo Bible and cite as a Grand Master Prince succession. 

In a hereditary monarchy, the position of monarch is inherited according to a statutory or customary order of succession, usually within one royal family tracing its origin through a historical dynasty or bloodline. This usually means that the heir to the throne is known well in advance of becoming monarch to ensure a smooth succession, 




The Federal Executive Commission of the Kingdom of Koya tribal government which stands for an American tradition is composed of the Monarch who is C/O of Republican Party (Liberia) by direct unification agreements with Gullah cultural heratage corridor and Gola Konneh district Grand Cape Mount, The Constitution grants the C/O the power to release proclamations, to appoint and to remove any member of the Peoples Assembly and his political party members and the royal family members who work in U.S. military, to award medals and titles to issue special pardons to prisoners, with powers to change the Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans articles in the founding fathers of a nation constitution with veto until vote by people assembly is passed, to proclaim state of emergency, and to issue mobilization orders.


The Legislative branch is authorized to amend the constitution, to supervise the enforcement of the constitution, to enact and amend laws, to alter inappropriate decisions, to approve the establishment of administrative divisions and to decide on questions of national affairs. The power is vested on the Republican Party (Liberia) People's Assembly which is headed by the Chairman of the peoples Assembly.


The Judicial branch holds the power to resolve cases  This branch determines whether or not there has been a grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction on the part and instrumentality of the government. The judiciary power is vested on the People's Court, which consists of an appointed citizen who is capable of judicial duties.



                                                           Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll 
                                                  Chairman of the Federal Executive Commission
                                                                    (May 7, 2016 - present)


                                                                            Joseph Cobellie
                                                                             Vice President of Research & Developement of the

                                                                                  U.S. Republican Party (Liberia) founded in

                                                                                                1848 by African Americans
(March 10, 2019 - present)

The People's Assembly 

Melvin Policarpio 

Secretary of People's Court
(January 24, 2019 - present)

Terrell Wezzy Secretary of

Space exploration
(March 1, 2019 - present)

King Fondren Bai ll Secretary of

National Defence
(May 5, 2016

Wayne Fondren

Secretary of Immigration
(January 24, 2019 - present)

Andrew Johnson Chief of Gullah Cultural Heritage Corridor
Deputy to the People's Assembly
(January 24, 2019 - present


Patricka Nuguyan Secretary of

Information and Technology

(January 24, 2019 - present)

Evora, Rexlyn

Deputy to the People's Assembly
(March 1, 2019 - present)

Government Agencies

Branches of Government