Black Republican's Party (Liberia) founded in 1848

American Republican Party (Liberia) found in 1848 by African Americans 

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Republican party (Liberia) Federal Executive Commission guiding ideal (Big tent ideology)


Brookly, New york-Republican party (Liberia) founded in 1848 Federal Executive Commission

Republican party (Liberia)  NECESSITIES

The period of transition of the Republican party (Liberia) introduction of the party's new guiding Necessities, in which the Party aims to reach the Federal  Republic's final goal of prosperity and victory by resolving the three important necessities of the nation. The Necessities reflects black Republican's renewed determination to push forth a prosperous and victorious People's Republic and shows the Party's glorious history of serving the United States of America and people and of keeping its interests.

King Fondren Bai ll chairman chief officer of the Federal Executive Commission  points out the Necessities in a statement, saying:

In order for black Republicans to become a prosperous and victorious power, we must keep in mind the necessities of the nation and we must vigorously and ceaselessly find ways to resolve it. Those three necessities are first, we must encourage people's participation in politics and we must uphold their interests in all of the government's decisions, second, we must dedicate ourselves to the Federal Republic of Liberia as if it were the most valuable thing to us, and third, we must keep a peaceful and secured environment for state building by keeping peaceful diplomatic relations with other countries and micronation's

URGENT: Wei dynasty micronation Operation ends, Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll lifts state of emergency




Georgia, Gullah Micronation - Operation consort formally ended on Friday noon with the withdrawal of the 98th Guards Division of the Wei dynasty, which is under the command of Margrave Cao

King Fondren Bai ll Federal Executive Commission also declared the end of the state of emergency in the republic of Taiwan due to the Corona Virus, and the Republican party (Liberia) People's Assembly was convened in the first commission meeting since the start of the Wu dynasty special interset (Classified) #jkvhf738gh8 information...


 Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans People's Assembly, which is a coalition of micronation's of congress Black Republicans,  abolitionst, politicians,  Black Colonist Republican's Currency of United States of America formed to encourage national unity in the end of the crisis, had approved the nomination of National Defence Deputy  of the Peoples Assembly Patrick Nugud as peoples  Assembly deputy of defence

Wei dynasty micronation supreme leader Margrave Cao proclamation which awarded the Order of the People's State of Taiwan to His master Triad leader Xianbei, a general of Taiwan regime,  with the title of "Glorious and Victorious Defenders of the Republic Wei dynasty micronation"  being awarded to the top secret position of commander by supreme vote in a prime minister election.

The Watts riots, sometimes referred to as the Watts Rebellion or Watts Uprising, took place in the Watts neighborhood and its surrounding areas of Los Angeles

Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll Federal Chairman of the Executive Commission of the BLACK REPUBLICANS PARTY (LIBERIA) FOUNDED IN 1848 takes a look back at the

"The Troubles" which is was armed conflict dureing the watts rebellion.


Refers to the four-decade conflict between  The term was used to describe the farc revolutionary period in the early twentieth century It was subsequently adopted to refer to the escalating violence in during the American Drug War 1  after 1969.

The violence was characterised by the armed campaigns during the watts rebellion during the 1960's and Socialist Crip paramilitary group and state security forces. Irish loyalist Republican Abolitionist, the socialist farc rebels, and U.S.S.R. communist party plotted the assasination of John F. Kennedy for the signing of the civil rights initiative pact of 1964 (c.r.i.p.a)  It thus became the focus for the longest major campaign in the history of the The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia socialist party drug distribution (Trade) in California for the socialist party Crip paramilitaries to win the watts Rebellion which lasted from 1960 to 1970.   

Cao Cao was a Chinese warlord, statesman and poet. He was the penultimate grand chancellor of the Eastern Han dynasty who rose to great power in the final years of the dynasty.

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The Black People Stone Nation of islam sent 40,000 African American freedom fighters to Columbia Socialist African American Crips Paramilitaries


The Sinaloa Cartel, also known as the CDS, the Guzmán-Loera Organization, the Pacific Cartel, the Federation is a large international drug trafficking, money laundering, and organized Socialist Republican Union.

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Elijah Muhammad conversing with Malcolm X

black panther party.jpg

The Black Panther Party, originally the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, was a Black Power political organization founded by college students Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton in October 1966 in Oakland, California.

URGENT: Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll  Chairman of the Federal Executive Commission of the United States of America REPUBLICANS PARTY (LIBERIA) Founded in 1848 sign's peace agreement ending the American Drug War 2  which lasted from 1990 to 2019. and takes a look back on the concerns involving historical references added to the all new African American History book written by Author Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll hereditary official Monarch of the Kingdom of Koya colonies micronation a Gullah tribal kingdom located off the coast Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Gola Micronation



Washington D.C. - Christian Protestant Church of Christ  Crip paramilitary group was established in the 1960's which was top secret, at 20:14 UST by African American Christian's at a occupied fort in Los Angeles forest who wanted a end to mass segregation in United States apart of American socialist party with the majority of the party being citizens of a top secret Aztec Socialist Communist training Crip paramilitary groups in Tijuana, Mexico preparing them for a Rebellion in Watt's California for the signing of the trade agreement called civil

rights initiative pact of 1964


Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll Chairman of Federal Executive Commission Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by Black Republicans, Chairman of Federal Executive Commission Republican Party (Liberia) signs peace deal for the Crip's Prarmilitaries veterans who fought in the Watts Rebellion American Drug War 1 and 2 in the United States of America as a militia, paramilitaries and clan Sources   {(FBI intelligence committie) says we supports the Black Republican Militia kids, family, and all relatives and the AfricanAmericans 2020.}  and United Blood Stone Nation of islam muslim brotherhood  leaders  Union captains and Sinaloa Cartel General of Mexican regiment Treisian Guzman and the Sureno 13 mexican mafia supreme leader to the South American Socialist Party Farc Glebocki, Sanchez along with conservative farc Incan micronation top secret general Rivera  Joseph apart of a Venezuela regiment and United States of America armed forces general  Nymark, Lucas leader member of Mississippi Nazi Socialist Klu Klux Klan.  (Classified (minority) and United States of America armed forces general Green, Calvin Washington who is a free mason and great great grandson of former commander in chief of New England Colonies and or United States of America George Washington  (Classified) also  signed the Treaty of  the  American good friday peace agreement during a summit held between all factions.

The main participants in the American Drug War 1 which lasted from 1980 to 1985  is a United States of America backed  Crip paramilitary made up of African American Protestant Christian's who went from socialism to conservatism dureing this armed conflict in California.


The Black People Stone Nation of islam sent 40,000 African American freedom fighters to Columbia Socialist African American Crips Paramilitaries anti government soldiers who fought in the Watts Rebellion creating a number of 95,000 Socialistparty members leaders and House speakers of community commissions formed a  United Blood Alliance of African American Muslims we're the members rally wareing red cowboy bandanas on face and heads wile islamic  veteransof Watts Rebellionleaders  speak on these given months and days holding indoor and outdoor rallies on different topics community me/10/ (Since Creation) February 7 (SC) February 8 (SC) March 10 , March 4 , May 2nd. May fourth June  first and 2nd. July seventh August  4 October second 11/8/ and 11/5/ since 1969 also last 12/4/ every year since 1969 all non-party community meetings.  and  anti-government who we're known as muslims backed by Libya dictatorship later hundred of thousands converted to christianity, Socialist party Farc Rebels made up of primary roman catholics who won the cuban revolution who established the Mexican Mafia Sureno 13 with Tijuana Cartel, also the Nazi Socialist Movement and the United States of America armed forces and British state security forces and political activists and politicians.


United States security forces played  carried out a guerrilla campaign against the Sureno 13 for, Murder, cocaine drug distribution trafficking,  extortion,  assault, theft, robbery, fraud, human trafficking,and arms trafficking. and slavery on the're own people of there own ethnic group or tribe dureing the American Drug War 1 Battles include: Border War, man made-Caravan migration crisis, the Los Angeles Purge territory Battles, central American and South American coup lead by Socialist cocaine cowboy Paramilitaries the National Alliance Crisis.


Sinaloa Cartel and Crip paramilitaries launched a bombing campaign against infrastructural, commercial and political targets apart of Socialist Farc rebels state coup plot and a triple threat versus the muslim Bloods paramilitaries in responce attacked, BURNED PROTESTANT CHURCHES  every part of Christians  African American communitys in Los Angeles they described as retaliation for the death of the Black People Stone Nation of Islam leader Malcom X.


United States of American Congress Senate voted bipartisian on a weekly law sent to the Department of Defence secretary signed Bill then sent to the Commander-in-Chief of United States continental Armed Forces then to a  The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States' primary federal law enforcement agency, director and technical support officer and is responsible for Crip paramilitaries community commission meetings safety versus the support of the Libyan backed islamic bloody radicals red bandanna on face and head clansman soldiers  ten commission meetings  per twelve months thats a hundred and twenty commission meetings of right wing conservative Crip armed christians paramilitaries in there committies, wareing Republican Paramilitarie  dark blue cowboy bandannas on head and face as a clan on every month, the pro-government veterans of the Watts Rebellion commanders, captains, leaders, and former child soldiers who have grown who consorts with Northern Ireland Ulster Republican protestant loyalist abolitionist who served in The Troubles armed conflict in Northern Ireland (code word 71) of the orange order Yarvnor Paganini a  leader, and peace mediator who advocated on peace talks between muslims and christians to the christians Crip paramilitaries veterans leaders and house speakers of there community meetings during the American Drug War 1 also known as the "American Troubles" a armed conflict against radical Black People Stone Nation of Islam Muslim Blood Brotherhood operations that we're kidnapping, assault, robery, burning of christian bibles  Voodoo devil worshiping for there war effort in California against Crips paramilitaries. The CIA Director is appointed for a single command in the mid 1980's  by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate to give the order to the Allied Pro-Government Crip paramilitaries to attack three radical islamic mosque during a commission bloody islamic conference.

the The Black People Nation of Islam Blood Brotherhood had Same sex slaves females and P.O.W


At times, there were bouts of sectarian tit-for-tat violence, as well as feuds within and between paramilitaries groups or Rival Mexican drug cartels of the same country. United States of America security forces undertook both a policing and counter-insurgency role, primarily against opposition leaders in Central, and South America. There were some incidents of collusion between United States security forces and pro-Government paramilitaries at a political scientific level of order on behalf of peace agreements dureing the American Drug War 1 armed conflict between bloody muslim nationalist and the Socialist paramilitaries Catholic Socialist Sureno 13 who hold commissions no more than ten times a month wareing dark blue bandanas with there leaders being socialist party cocaine cowboys.

 Crip  Holy Christianity paramilitaries, Blood (Muslim) pararmilitaries and Sureno 13 (Catholic)s involved numerous riots, mass protests and acts of civil disobedience, armed urban warfare in California and led to increased segregation in the system amongst radical catholics, muslims and christians and the creation of no-go areas Gang Maps that recruit child soldiers to purge against rivals while using Socialist party FARC cocaine drugs to distribute in America .

More than 200,000 people were killed in the conflict, of whom 52% were innocent civilians who just lived in the conflict zones, 32% were members of the United States of America security forces, border security and police officers and 16% were members of paramilitary groups.Congress backed paramilitaries were responsible for some 50% of the deaths,  30% and security forces 10%. There has been  violence since the Watts Rebellion that was won by anti-government Socialist Crip paramilitary.

Black panther party,sent a hitman to assassinate Malcom X over his difference on civil rights initiative pact of 1964 (C.R.I.P.) being socialist  ideology, Black panther party wanted a complete conservative ideology meaning a Alliance with English Democratic Republican National Committies and a end to segregation also for African American consorts to English Americans both male and female integration, marriages , schools, churches, hospitals,  even though they we're socialist party members, in  responce Black People Stone Nation of islam Blood  paramilitary made up of African Americans started heavy gun fighting and bombings with a red cowboy bandanna armed conflict against the blue bandanna  Crip paramilitary Allied with United States of America made up of African American Christians ongoing punishment attacks and a campaign.The American Drug War 1 ended with the count of Muslims converting to Christianity with consorts of both religions and a National Alliance peace agreement which lasted from 1985 to 1990. there we're more than 2 million casualities during the American Drug War 1

American Drug War 2  1990 to 2019


Mexican immigrants, known as South Siders, were given land from the Socialist party Crips people in the Plantation of central California. Coupled with illegal immigration to "unplanted" areas of California, particularly up and Down, this resulted in conflict between the native Catholics and the "Christians", leading in turn to a bloody religious conflict known as the NATIONAL ALLIANCE CRISIS BATTLE which lasted (1990 to 1995) This 5 year crisis was the result of the United States of America Senate Pro government  Crip paramilitary leading the FBI to mass arrest and victory over the illegal occupation.

The United States Army assessed that the peace deal was a threat to California, and decided that an embargo should be placed on the alliance. The armed forces were also deployed during the crisis. Peace talks were held between the Crip paramilitary leaders and the Tijuana Cartel socialist paramilitaries Sureno 13's primarily made up of Mexican's Catholics, and after 2 weeks, there territorys finally signed the peace treaty and United States of America lift the embargo placed on them, ending the crisis approveing National Alliance Crisis peace agreement between the factions. 



The  civil battle was a armed conflict between African American Christians   Socialist Crip paramilitaries there assembly divided over ideology that stands for population decrease says some leaders of. 


12,000 seperatist of the socialist party formed Republican paramilitaries backed by Congress United States of America Republican Party that converted the armed man to a Capitalist right wing conservative ideology Pro- Government Crip paramilitarie that was formed, they led the campaign against modern day slavery with the FBI cracking down  Mexican Mafia warehouses in California full of hispanic modern day slaves,Crip paramilitaries, siezed 3 underground Drug trade tunnel's, and freed 1,200 Hispanic/latino slaves and sent them back south of the border with relief  the department of home land security called this OPPERATION END OF WATCH  both factions we're in a armed conflict against each other over land rights in the hands of foreign merchants as well the one of the supreme leaders of United States Congress backed  pro-Government Crip paramilitaries Vedonian Ralow said' to Frank White a former socialist associate of Vederonian that there will be no more violence after the next five years please leave our leader alone or there will be revenge, because frank white was thinking about joining anti government movement dedicated to a new islam  paramilitarie backed by Iran

Peace talks was made on 2018 making it possible for the two paramilitary ideologies for a ten year peace treaty in Los Angeles California adopting the dark blue cowboy bandana. 



United States Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by Black english Colonist who we're members of the American Colonization Society Chairman of the Federal Executive Commission signs peace agreement on behalf of  Black People Stone Nation of Islam Blood Brotherhood Paramilitaries, Pro-Government Crip Paramilitaries of Christians Protestantant Church of Christ based in Los Angeles and territorial loyalist protestant communities in the United States of America patriotic neighborhoods loyal to King Fondren Bai ll soul, voice, spirit and love of Liberty.


 leaders of farc Kingdom of  Inca micronation of Columbia and Venezuela vice Commander Carlos Koia  Socialist paramilitaries.

Nazi National's and Klu Klux Klan and Kingdom of Incan micronation Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and Venezuela

Aware of the continuation of the history of the American Drug war and bearing in mind the great responsibility of creating and developing the peace deal,

All political partys both American Socialist Party and United States of America Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848  have agreed to conclude this present treaty on establishing of a peace negotiationsl" THE AMERICAN GOOD FRIDAY PEACE AGREEMENT a stategic business agreement ending  the years long conflict of  American Drug War's between the African American's and Socialist party backed paramilitaries which lasted from 1990 to 2019 

ARTICLE 1.  King Fondren Bai ll United States Republicans Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 Federal Executive Commission Chairman and California State  Both express a mutual recognition of there legal authority to enter into this strategic alliance defensive pact and declare that: California will be a Union state apart of the United States of America in our political scientific national committie meetings.
"One-California" is a policy asserting that there is only one sovereign state of California under the name United States of America, as opposed to the idea that there are two ideologys soclialism and conservatism"

Benifits: African American Republicans on U.S. Currency


ARTICLE 2. United States Republicans Party (Liberia) founded 1848 Federal Executive Commision Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll signs document apart of AMERICAN GOOD FRIDAY PEACE AGREEMENT titled trade currency making a business agreement possible for a potential Aztec ruler Moctezuma II to join America the Beautiful quarters circulation, in accordance with the 15 year peace deal with the're belief of a peaceful co-existance with Black Republican member of Congress loyal to King Fondren Bai ll Business agreements and Constitution of the're define line of liberty. Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll Chairman of Federal Executive Commission peoples Assembly with mutual respect for soverignty and  territory with mutual benefit, assistance and support, and in order to strengthen diplomatic relations U.S. Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 can safeguard the interests of conservative capitalist free market free enterprise right wing social-conservative ideology of having decided for this purpose to conclude the present Treaty involving

Sinaloa Cartel supreme leaders also Mexican Mafia, Tijuana cartel  also Socialist Paramilitaries  Who, having examined each other's full powers and found them in good and due form, have agreed upon the Peace treaty to back and support  apart of the Kingdom of Inca Micronation American Good Friday Peace Deal a peace agreement  Western Venezuela a official monarchy official monarch of Inca   makeing the micronation a member micronation apart of the Central protectorates  sign by Kingdom of Koya Micronation Monarch Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll Chairman of United States Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by AfricanAmerican Colonist who worked sided by side as patriots of English founding fathers of America Colonization Society Today, the Black American Republicans  survives as a constitutionally protected race and ethnic group by there Republican Paramilitaries Black lives matter movement and Black Republicans who are members in congress with the same special interest as chiefs of Gullah tribal Kingdom of Koya with two Republican Party leaders apart of the America the beautiful circulation, in united with loyalist and patriots in the House of Representatives and The Senate of the old Republic in United States of America. 

in a time of war, pandemic, dire need of help, and for Drug lords, Cartels, Mexican Mafia and South American Socialist Paramilitaries involved in the armed conflict to accept the responsibility of causing all the loss and damage" also casualities and selling illegal drugs to Black Americans during the "AMERICAN TROUBLES" is a armed conflict during the  WATTS REBELLION, during the civil rights

movement Socialist Crip paramilitaries lead a huge armed campaign against White/European clans (KKK) and U.S. Ground Forces. with the help of 

the Black Panther Party and several Communist leaders of  Russia during WATTS REBELLION.


  American Drug War 1 and  2 Battles such the Purge on sells of  cocaine election coalition both muslim, catholic, and christian  communities armed conflict, operations end of watch, National Alliance Crisis, Crip Paramilitaries Civil War Border War 1, Border War 2, in which the signatories promise to keep the peace treaty in mind to support and help militarily U.S. Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African' American's, Alliance United with U.S. Department of Defence through American tradition of Black American Republicans in Congress also start construction of Grand Cape Mount University  and to defend each other. In general, the signatories point out to the threats in the treaty and prepare to respond to it together united as Social Conservative's in bipartisians business negotiations.

Article 3 Apart of American Good Friday Peace Agreemnet The United Kingdoms of micronations of the Central Protectorate Govenor is the emperor of the British empire that holds political jurisdiction over micronation monarchies the seat of the micronation monarchs politics, forming the central protectorate of the micronation. Although it is often referred to as the United Kingdoms of the Central Protectorate  is  considered the legal "Union" of the owners of the land forming the micronation royal monarchies, must have permission, must be granted by King Fondren Bai ll the delegated authority supervisor has the authority to annoint ownership rights over the member states micronation the lands. It is shaired by the people of a country this is the list of Micronations makeing them Republicans of any factor a example of Socialist Republicans, Conservative Republicans, Free Market Republicans, Democratic Republicans.


farc Incan micronation top secret general Rivera  Joseph apart of a Venezuela regiment


 Commander Carlos Jimenez Socialist paramilitaries.

C/O King Fondren Bai ll
Chairman of Republican party (Liberia) found in 1848 federal executive commissioner

Nymark, Lucas leader member of Mississippi Nazi Socialist Klu Klux Klan. 


American Drug War.jpg

Government agents, judges, politicians and others discuss the long battle to keep illegal drugs out of the United States.

DEApolice work for Wayne Fondren.jpg

Since 2007, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has grabbed $3.2 billion in cash from individuals who were never charged with a crime, according to a March report from the Department of Justice’s Inspector General.


Nazi soldier anti-government LT. 

Bank of Koya




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