About the Department

The Department of Immigration is responsible for all immigration issues on behalf of our American civilization society in the republic of Liberia. It is also the department responsible for handling the applications of new citizens from African American communities. The department also keeps record of the American imports added to Monrovia logistics for the African American Colony citizens of United States of America with 50% of there agriculture farming animals to vendor in Monrovia.

About the Citizenship

If you plan to join the Colony, keep in mind the following things:

  • Everyone, as long as you are not a liability to the country, is allowed to join.

  • You are to be under the jurisdiction of the constitution of the Republican Party (Liberia) found in 1848 during the citizenship process.

  • Only the Department of Immigration, under the Office of the employees relation officer is allowed to approve your citizenship form.

Interested to be a future colonist? Fill out the form below.

African Americans who  sign up as Black englidh people (Majority) Open to illegal immigrants from Mexico only.
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