{{Infobox royalty
|name         = King Fondren Bai ll
|succession   = British empire of West Africa Wakanda Nation
|image        = Conservative King Fondren Bai ll.jpg
|regent       = Republican Party Liberia found in 1848 
|reg-type     = Democratic Republican Party of 1812 peace deal
|reign        = founding fathers of America Virginia Dynasty 
|coronation   = April 13 2009
|predecessor  = Unknown
|religion     = [[Holy]] [[Christianity]]<ref>https://www.state.gov/j/drl/rls/irf/2005/51498.htm</ref><!--If you have found what particular denomination he adheres to, please replace Christianity with its name.-->
|spouse       = Unknown
|issue        = 12 children
|birth_name   = Prince Fondren or lord Wayne
|house        = House of lords of the gods of Koya
|father       = Gouitiama Buddha 400 B.C.
|mother       = Oya 400 B.C.
|birth_date   = 07/20/1990
|birth_place  = Lynwood, California
|death_date   = 
|death_place  = 
}}<ref>{{cite web |title=Department of Defence/FBI OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT WEBSITE |url=https://www.republicanpartyliberia.com/government}}</ref>

King Fondren Bai ll is an American author of the Kingdom of Koya in Prophecy<ref>{{cite book |title=Google Books Kingdom of Koya |url=https://books.google.com/books/about/Kingdom_of_Koya.html?id=JnaODwAAQBAJ&source=kp_book_description}}</ref>
[[File:Kingdom of Koya Book.jpg|thumb|]]

Wayne Fondren also named King Fondren Bai ll is the crowned prince of Kingdom of Koya [[monarchy]], the African  American Kingdom of America and Gola or Gullah people.

The grandchild of Princess Mary jimenez first cousins included King Naimabanna |  and many princesses who, along with King Fondren Bai ll. For most of his life before becoming Monarch, he was first in line to succeed his greatgrandfather Kanta Bai  on the Koya Micronation thrones.

the Year of the re-established U.S. [[Republican]] Party Liberia, making Fondren king.

The Koya word is of [[English]] origin, and historically refers to [[Portuguese]] kingship, in the pre-Christian period a type of African American tribal kingship with Gola people.
to a relatively modest [[African]] American family who speak english only nobility.<ref>https://kingdomofkoya.weebly.com/information.htm</ref>

==Black english Reign==

The aire to the throne of Kingdom of Koya was crowned on April 13, 2009, as the chief Sempio, Jerome  of [[Gullah]] people and a tribal chief of Gola in Grand cape mount, Liberia Mozo  Eldridge signed the Treaty of Unification and Creation of Kingdom of Koya during a summit held between both partys.

The treaty was the result of the negotiations held between both micronation and county .

The treaty resulted in the creation of the Kingdom of Koya with Gullah and Gola as its constituent people.

The [[Republican]] party (Liberia) founded in 1848 has now been re-established with C/O King Fondren Bai ll as chairman of the federal executive commission

The Republican party (Liberia) Federal Executive Commission is now set to appoint a transitional micro [[government]], as well as to draft and to adopt a constitution for the national committie.

The text of the [[treaty]] is available below.

TREATY BETWEEN [[Gullah]] micronation AND THE PRINCIPALITY OF Gola people in Grand cape mount ON UNIFICATION AND CREATION OF Kingdom of Koya

Gullah micronation and the Principality of Gola people,

Recognizing the decision and interest of both Africans and Americans for unification,

Resolved to achieve the unification of our African Americans as a ethnic goup to expand our culture and increase our cultural health.

Mindful of the fact that the people of Gullah and Gola desires to live in a Republican and democratic federation that secures peace and freedom and that governs under a single rule of law, and

Aware of the continuation of the history of African Americans great responsibility of creating and developing a nation,

both Have agreed to conclude this present treaty on reestablishing of a royal micronation between Gullah Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission  and the PRINCIPALITY Gola people, containing the following provisions:

ARTICLE 1. The micronation is to be called the Kingdom of Koya, and it shall be composed of the Gullah and Gola people democratic republican commission the Principality of Gola

ARTICLE 2. The constituent people of the  Kingdom of Koya shall retain their respective political systems until a constitution for the micronation  is approved. The constitutions and laws of both countries shall be declared null and void.

ARTICLE 3. The borders between Gullah and the Principality of Gola shall no longer be recognized as valid.

ARTICLE 4. The citizens of Gullah and the Principality of Gola have been granted to become citizens of Kingdom of Koya micronation.

ARTICLE 5. Republican party (Liberia) shall form a transitional microgoverning body named the Federal Executive Commission, which would be responsible for introducing rule of law during the transition period of republican party (Liberia) national committie. The Federal Executive Commission shall be composed of the monarch of the Grand cape mount (Kingdom of Koya)

ARTICLE 6. All international treaties in which the contracting parties involves either the Gullah people  and the Principality of Gola shall be suspended, and the republican party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans, shall see to it that all of the concerned foreign governments shall be notified of this decision. The Federal Executive Commission shall become the representative of the Kingdom of Koya micronation's in all of its diplomatic activities.

ARTICLE 7. All transition issues which were not included in this treaty shall be decided upon by the Federal Executive Commission.

ARTICLE 8. The constitution of the Republican party (Liberia) shall be based on the provisions of these treaty, and of the decisions of the Federal Executive Commission.

ARTICLE 10. The provisions of this treaty shall enter into force immediately after the The Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor and Gola conteh district has signed the document. The treaty shall also serve as the declaration of the establishment of Kingdom of Koya micronation.

Done on the 9th of May in the year 2018 in South carolina,Gullah micronation United States of America.

==Ancestry Virginia Dynasty==

The Kingdom of Gola or Koya or Koya Gullah or the Gola  Kingdom of the Zulu people Wakanda Nation of the Black Panther Knights the official Head of Government is Wayne T Fondren Jr.

The Kingdom of Koya was ruled by King Kama from Kru people after his death his daughter Fatima Brima marries the general King Moribu Kindo Bai a Black colonists from Brookly New York city he first became King in 1840 of the  the Kingdom of Koya colonial army patrolled the town Monrovia and exchanged natural resources  to help Americans to establish a new currency.

He became Monarch as lord King Moribu Kindo Bai and  dreamed of putting a end to slavery, in 1848 [[King Moribu Kindo Bai]], at the "House of lords" the Senate voted in to have a President the Liberty Militia to help abolish Slavery in America King Moribu Kindo Bai father Daniel Warner versus [[Joseph Roberts]] in a presidential debate the senate elected Joseph Roberts as a wealthy AfricanAmerican born in Virginia who has a big harvest and trade agreements with Americans to be the founding father of his own country, joseph Roberts named his country after the British Sierra leon flag that reads Britania auspice Liber, Liberty Liberia president of the federal republic of Liberia King Moribu Kindo Bai acknowledged Joseph Roberts to become president and rule it as his own country and help the Kingdom of Koya [[police]] the state. King Moribu Fondren grandson Prince Kanta from African Americans and his wife Princess Elika from Gola people orderd a 5,000 men armed Republican [[Militia]] because 1,500 Kingdom of Koya colonial army didn’t want to stop there slave trade in the state of Louisianna, they formed a [[rebellion]] against the Kingdom of Koya to help the rebells win  the [[American]] civil war.

Prince Kanta Bai and Elika Bai established [[settlements]] for the Republican Militia along the coast of South and North Carolina, Georgia and Florida Known today as Gullah Culture.
heratage site.<ref>https://www.republicanpartyliberia.com/government.htm</ref>


{{Infobox military unit
| unit_name            = Republican Guard of Koya
|native_name=''Patriot Boys or Republican Guard Militia''
| image                = Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by the Virginia Dynasty.png
| image_size           = 125px
| dates                = 1812 — present
| country              = {{flag|Liberia}}
| allegiance           = [[The Pentagon]]; [[House of Lords]]
| branch               = Militia
| type                 = [[Republican guard]]
| role                 = *Protection of Personalities and Objects of Special Importance 
*[[Ceremonial Guard]]
| size                 = 200,000
| march                = March California (Inspection March) Gullah Culture site
| command_structure    = [[United States Army]] [[Royal Air Force]]
| garrison             = Area 51 fortress/Fort Colony/Gola Micronation
| garrison_label       = Headquarters
| anniversaries        = July 20
| website              = http://RepublicanpartyLiberia.com
<!-- Commanders -->
| commander1           = King Fondren Bai ll
| commander1_label     = Commander
| commander2           = 
| commander2_label     =


Daniel Warner is the founding father of the nation of Liberty, named after Frederick, Prince of Wales daughter [[Terrella]] (consort) who's mother is a Gullah tribal girl in North Carolina the statue of liberty is what the Kingdom of France Napolians armed regiment brought the New England colonies for winning the revolutionary war [[Terrella]] Warner. Some records show that the statue was the sister of a princess named California whos Gullah tribal father became Govenor of California under the control of Mexico. with the help of 18 Native American tribes, Seminole, Navaho and several others Native American Slavic nomad tribes<ref name=nyt/> 

Daniel Warner was a member of the [[American Colonization Society]] the also served as a member of the [[Liberian House of Representatives]],<ref>Emma Jones Lapsansky Werner & Margaret Hope Bacon. [https://books.google.com/books?id=9X0rc6E9EGkC&pg=PA151 ''Back To Africa'']</ref> as [[List of Speakers of the House of Representatives of Liberia|Speaker of the House of Representatives]] 1848-1849,<ref name="chronicle">{{cite web|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=saY4ubEU20QC|title=The Annual Messages of the Presidents of Liberia 1848–2010: State of the Nation Addresses to the National Legislature|first=D. Elwood|last=Dunn|date=4 May 2011|publisher=Walter de Gruyter|via=Google Books}}</ref> and in the [[Senate of Liberia|Liberian Senate]].<ref>American Colonization Society, "Information About Going To Liberia With Things Which Every Emigrot Ought To Know", 1852</ref> In 1877, he became an agent of the American Colonization Society.<ref>[https://books.google.com/books?id=1eOCjfc_l5IC&pg=PA29 Michele Mitchell, ''Righteous Propaganda'']</ref>

He also wrote the lyrics to the [[All Hail, Liberia, Hail!|Liberian national anthem]], which the country officially adopted when it became independent from the American Colonization Society in 1847.<ref>Streissguth, Thomas. [https://books.google.com/books?id=P7fA6zZyHc0C&pg=PA69 ''Liberia In Pictures'']</ref>