African American Republicans (Liberia) in 116th congress    

Seats in the Senate

1 / 100

Seats in the House

1 / 435

State Governorships

0 / 50

Wayne Fondren also named King Fondren Bai ll is the crowned prince of Kingdom of Koya monarchy, the African American Kingdom of America and Gola or Gullah people.

The grandchild of Princess Mary jimenez first cousins included King Naimabanna | and many princesses who, along with King Fondren Bai ll. For most of his life before becoming Monarch, he was first in line to succeed his greatgrandfather Kanta Bai on the Koya Micronation thrones. the Year of the re-established U.S. Republican Party Liberia, making Fondren king.

The Koya word is of English origin, and historically refers to Portuguese kingship, in the pre-Christian period a type of African American tribal kingship with Gola people.

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