Frederick Douglass was an American abolitionist, writer, and Republican party statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York, gaining note for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings.


 Daniel  Warner (April 19, 1815 – December 1, 1880) served as the 3rd President of Liberia from 1864 to 1868. Prior to this, he served as the 5th Vice President of Liberia under President Stephen Allen Benson from 1860 to 1864, and as the 3rd Secretary of State in the cabinet of Joseph Jenkins Roberts from 1854 to 1856.

In 1868,He organized the first expedition into the dense forest, led by Benjamin J. K. Anderson traveled into Liberia's interior to sign a treaty with the king of Kingdom of Koya


Hiram Rhodes Revels arrived on Capitol Hill to take his seat as the first black member of the U.S. Congress in 1870. But first, the Mississippi Republican faced Democrats determined to block him.

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Booker T Washington born (April 5, 1856 – November 14, 1915) was an American educator, author, founder of Tuskegee University, and adviser to multiple presidents of the United States. Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African American community and of the contemporary black elite.

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James Spriggs Payne (December 19, 1819 – January 31, 1882) served as the fourth and eighth President of Liberia, from 1868 to 1870 and from 1876 to 1878. He was the last president to belong to the Republican Party.

Payne was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1819 to free mixed-race parents. Payne grew up in a deeply religious Methodist family and was a devout Christian. His father, David M. Payne, was a Methodist minister and was ordained a deacon by the Virginia Conference in 1824.


Joseph Roberts was an one of the African American founding fathers of the federal republic of Liberia and African-American merchant  apart of the American colonization society who together with a group of Black colonist  emigrated to Liberia in 1829, where he became a noted politician. Elected as the first and seventh President of Liberia after independence, he was the first man of African descent to govern the country, serving previously as governor from 1841 to 1848.