United States Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans 

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About the Chairman
Chief Officer King Fondren Bai ll is Chairman of The Federal Executive Commission holds The powers of National Committie that are stated in Article |V- Authority of the Constitution Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848

King Fondren Bai ll is addressed as King Fondren and resides in the monarch desired residence, however, the capital city is still underconstruction.

Selection of a King

The chief Sempio, Jerome  of Gullah people and a tribal chief of Gola in Grand cape mount, Liberia Mozo  Eldridge signed the Treaty of Unification and reCreation of Kingdom of Koya during a summit held between both partys.

The treaty was the result of the negotiations held between both micronation and county .

The treaty resulted in the creation of the Kingdom of Koya with Gullah and Gola as its constituent people with King Fondren Bai ll as official monarch

Powers associated with the Monarch
According to Article |V- Section 2 of the Constitution, King Fondren Bai ll exercises the following powers:

  • Releases proclamations

  • Introduces laws and constitutional amendments to the People’s Assembly

  • Vetoes laws and amendments introduced by peoples assembly to the Legislature

  • Appoints and removes members of the government and Royal family in U.S. military

  • Awards medals and titles

  • Issues special pardons to prisoners

  • Proclaims state of emergency

  • Overrides the constitution if situation allows it

  • Issues mobilization orders

Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by AfricanAmericans LIST OF PRESIDENTS: 

Joseph Roberts (1848 to 1856) president of the first Government of Liberia

Stephen Allen Benson (1856 to 1864) president of the military Government of Liberia

Daniel Warner (1864 to 1868) Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Liberia

James Spriggs (1868 to 1870)  second Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Liberia