About the People's Assembly
The People's Assembly of the Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 is one of our religious centers  Assembly meetings on Fridays of a given city or town hosted by house speaker of peoples assembly, Directions: house speaker gives 1hr.30min lecture on the topic political science after she assignes one opinion paragraph with half of the people's assemble meeting being yea and the other half being nay officialy about  laws. (instructor chooses what side says yes or no)

with black suite & tie dress code (no hats)

Powers of the People's Assembly (Capital)
According Article 3 section 1 to 4 Constitution, the People's Assembly exercises the following duties:
(1) To enact the constitution
(2) To supervise the enforcement of the Grand cape mount University
(3) To enact and amend laws
(4) To alter inappropriate decisions
(5) To elect Secretaries of the peoples Assembly
(6) To approve the establishment of administrative divisions
(7) To decide on questions of national affairs, national security

Chairman of the Assembly
The People's Assembly is led by the Chairman of the Assembly, which exercises the following duties:
(1)   To preside on the sessions of the People’s Assembly
(2)   To promulgate laws
(3)   To interpret the Constitution and supervise its enforcement
(4)   To interpret proclamations on internal affairs
(5)   To decide on the ratification or signing of strategic business agreements, and treaties
(6)   To order extraordinary sessions of the People’s Assembly
(7)   To start all voting process in the People’s Assembly in relation to the approval of laws and decisions

Heading 1

People's Assembly

Ideology: Conservative

Leadership: Vice-President of Research & Developement and

Vice President of Employees Relations

List of Royal Members of the People's Assembly:

  •  Prince Miata, Hawa, Gola district Secretary of research & developement

  • Prince Francis Warner director of Gullah cultural herratage site (Florida)

  • Prince Goedele Koya Gola district lawer

  • Princess Nyanae, Kula Gola district police officer

Meeting place's: California, Grand cape mount(Kingdom of Koya), Federal republic of Liberia, United States of America/Republican Party controll Countrys

Official website of the Government

United States Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans 

Previous Assemblies

Provisional First People's Assembly (May - June 2019)                       
Leader: King Fondren Bai ll
Members: 7
Passed resolutions:
- Ratification of the First Constitution (May 29)
- Renewed diplomatic relations with Incan empire micronation (May 29)                             
- People's Development Plan approved (June 2-3)

People's Assembly (June 2019)
Leader: King Fondren Bai ll
Members: 8
Passed resolutions:



People's Assembly (July 2019 - October 2019)
Leader: King Fondren Bai ll
Members: 4
Passed resolutions:
- Voted to have diplomatic talks with the Kingdom of incan (July 18)
- Approved the First Amendment to the Second Constitution (July 26)
- Approved the Treaty of Friendship and Co-operation with two family members of the royal family of Kingdom of Koya  (August 31)
- Approved Second and Third Amendments to the Second Constitution (September 12)
- Approved Fourth Amendment to the Second Constitution (October 8)
- Approved State Law No. 1 (November 13)

PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY (December 2019 - January 2020)
Leader: King Fondren Bai ll
Members: 4
Passed resolutions:
- Approved State Law No. 2 (January 24)