Judge Mathis is a long-running, Daytime Emmy Award–winning syndicated arbitration-based reality court show presided over by the retired Judge of Michigan's 36th District Court and black-culture motivational speaker, Greg Mathis.[1][2] The syndicated series features Judge Mathis adjudicating small claims disputes.

Vice-President of employees relations position: Vaccant

American Republican Party (Liberia) founded in 1848 by African Americans 

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The People's Court is headed by the Vice President of employees relations as the judge of lawsuits The position features the Vice-President adjudicating small claims disputes  within the Republican party (Liberia) founded in 1848 agriculture farming workforce.

Powers of the Dark forces

Senate of the Old Republic

This is the legislative and executive branch of the new earth like planet to build colonies with kilos of natural resourses,  Its primary duties are to mediate any disputes between star systems, worlds and cultures, to regulate trade between systems, to protect and care for citizens in need and to provide mutual defense in face of threats to the Republic or Empire.

 Today legislature is exercised by the Republicans, the executive branch is exercised by the Central Protectorate, and thus by the  Republican Party founded in 1848. This section of the Central Protectorate takes the name of Senate of the Old Republic.

1848 to Present

The House of lords is assisted by Kingdom of Koya Royal Navy loyal to British Empire as Republicans both in America and Africa offices, which are:

  • The Prince Duke of York of the Central Protectorate, High and private Secretary of the Sovereign;

  • The King Kindo Fondren Bai, chancellor of all Republican Country military bodies in the name of the Sovereign;

  • The Princess of the Dark Forces of the Voodoo Knights, responsible of finances and budgets of the Central Protectorate.

Each of these offices is at the head of an autonomous department of the Central Protectorate located around the world. 

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